RAY TEMPLE (est. 2016)

The five-men-band hadn´t much to gain or enough money, neither mental health nor aim to do the next 20 years or so what they´re doing for living now.
So they formed this band, because they have astonishing rumbling drums, a dark and shiny voice, a leading fingerlickin´ licks guitar, another guitar which follows and also gives some riffy chords and weird tones, and a bass, which may blow your mind (or makes you dance on the rooftop of your neighbours house).
And that´s all what really is needed to express their musical passion that leads straight towards your Rock and Roll-happiness. This is made for you, man!
After recording some songs in January 2017 the first physical output is going to be the Double-A-Vinyl-Single GALAKTIKA/MANUKA HONEY which will be released in December 2017 on Notafalsa.
For worship-comments, booking or just leaving a surprise message please contact@raytemple.com

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